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“I Just Switched” – Who is switching from a landline phone household to cell phone-only household?


In recent years, there has been an increase in the proportion of U.S. households that use cell phones exclusively or extensively. This trend presents a challenge to consumer research panels such as The Gallup Panel that use random digit dialing (RDD) methodology to contact U.S. households at random by landline phone in order to represent the entire U.S. population with their research. Included in this trend is a growing percentage of Americans who are considering giving up their landline phone access at home and planning to use cell phones exclusively. Read more

Is Satisficing a slippery slope? An investigation into the effects of satisficing when answering questions in a mail survey


In this article, we investigate response-order effects across various candidate questions (i.e., questions potentially prone to satisficing) from a 2007 Social Issues mail survey conducted by The Gallup Panel. We also investigate extreme responding and analyze patterns of extreme responses. Read more