Speeders in a Multi-Mode Survey

What role does panelist engagement play in online survey data quality? Many industry and academic leaders continue to debate the answer (Baker et al., 2010). While there are many indicators of data quality in online surveys, such as item nonresponse (Rao & Gravelle, 2008) and breakoffs (Dirk & Loosveldt, 2006; Peytchev, 2009), survey completion time has recently risen in prominence. Research leaders scrutinize online panels today because of panelists participating in numerous surveys in short time periods, which suggests respondents seeking maximum returns (i.e., incentives) with minimal survey effort.

Termed colloquially as speeders, survey respondents who complete a survey much more rapidly compared to the norm are the target of investigation in this study. We investigate speeding behavior in a multi-mode survey that included online and mobile versions of the same questionnaire. Respondents provided information on the type of mobile device (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone) they used to take the survey and we used that information to compare speeding behavior by mobile device type. Click here for the online article.
Recommended Citation:

Rao, K., Wells, T., & Luo, T. (2014). Speeders in a Multi-Mode (Mobile and Online) Survey. Alert! Magazine, Marketing Research Association, 54 (4).

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