Who’s on Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Other? A Panel based examination of SVOD users


The media industry is in a state of flux with continued fragmentation of consumer time and attention around media and across various devices and services. One such service that is popular among consumers today is SVOD (Subscription Video On-Demand) which enables on-demand access to both native digital content and TV-produced content. Forty eight percent of US homes have access to at least one SVOD service from providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, up from 42% a year ago, according to Nielsen’s report. As consumers are shifting from live viewing to SVOD consumption, researchers are interested in understanding the underlying behavioral changes that are differentiating SVOD service providers. For instance, are consumers watch similar programs between Netflix and Hulu? Are there overlaps and/or uniqueness in consumer behaviors across these service providers? Answering these and many other questions is at the heart of this study and analysis.In this study, by using Nielsen National People Meter (NPM) panel data consisting of a large array of demographic and behavioral characteristics, we not only compare and contrast SVOD homes with non-subscription homes, but also between providers among SVOD homes. The NPM panel is sampled using an area-probability frame and recruited in-person by professional field representatives. The panel consists of more than 20,000 US homes wherein TV viewing is captured via a meter that records the timing and content information for all members in the household. Preliminary results reveal that while SVOD households are young to middle-aged and more likely to have children. Furthermore, SVOD Households are high-tech households and are above-average for HD penetration, enabled Smart TVs, DVRs, and Videogame Consoles. Analysis of program watched across SVOD providers showed both similarities and dissimilarities in viewership. The study findings will likely provide interesting insights in understanding the emerging SVOD population and helps media researchers to forecast and plan for the next-big-thing in on-demand access.

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Chen, S.-H., & Rao, K. (2016). Who’s on Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Other? A Panel based examination of SVOD users. Paper presented at the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research, Chicago, IL.

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