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Humanizing the Internet Cookie? Key Learnings from an Online Panel


The Online advertising is booming. Companies are increasingly relying on Internet cookies to target online ads to consumers and track ad exposure and website click-through rates. Cookies are also used for survey targeting of specific Internet user groups, for measuring ad effectiveness, and for political polling. Companies use the cookies they have dropped as proxies for the consumers they are ultimately trying to reach. However, this approach of humanizing cookies suffers from several measurement errors, due to cookie deletion, blocking cookies, multiple people in the household using the same browser, or one person using multiple browsers. Read more

Home or Work or Both? Assessing the Role of Duplication of Website Visitations Using a Online Metered Panel


In this study, for multiple websites, we estimate duplicated audience reach between home and work Internet access locations. By employing a probability-based matching technique, we use metered-panel based data from non-overlapping home and work panels for creating a virtual overlapping home-work panel. Read more