Only for the Young at Heart: Co-Viewing on Mobile Devices and Viewing on the Go?


With the relative ease and accessibility of a variety of content available to users of smartphones and tablets, there has been a subtle behavioral change in how people use these devices. The concept of viewing together or having more than one viewer for a mobile device is a phenomenon referred to as “co-viewing” and is a new area that warrants further investigation. Very little information is available on who is likely to engage in co-viewing behaviors, what types of mobile devices are used, what content is likely to be viewed and if those who engage in this activity / behavior are fundamentally different than those who are less likely—what are the behavioral or demographic differences among those who participate in these activities. Thus the focus here is to examine and provide a baseline understanding around the concept of co-viewing with specific focus of content viewing on the “go” or away from home.

Lastly, a national representative survey was conducted where previous sampled respondents were asked a series of questions about if they watched video on mobile devices, how often they watch away from home, how often do others watch when away from home and the last time they shared with others when away from home. All respondents (N = 5,400) received a monetary incentive for completing the survey. Responses from these survey questions are discussed in terms of how these respondents differ (if any) from those who are less likely to engage in this behavior, the frequency in which co-viewing and out of home viewing occur, types of devices used and the frequency of sharing. Findings here and any difference noted, will provide a barometer of understanding of this type of behavior as it pertains to mobile device usage, location and media consumption.

Recommended Citation:

Burks, A. T., Haskell, J., Rao, K., & Mendrisova, H. (2015). Only for the Young at Heart: Co-Viewing on Mobile Devices and Viewing on the Go? Paper presented at the American Association for Public Opinion Research, Hollywood, Florida.

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