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My Cell Phone’s Ringing, Caller Unknown, Now What? Usage Behavior Patterns Among Recent Landline Cord Cutters Who Have Become Cell Phone-Only Users


A growing number of Americans are considering cutting their landline telephone cords in favor of becoming cell phone-only. To date, survey researchers have begun to understand that cell phone-only users tend to be “heavy users” of cell phones compared with those who have both landlines and cell phones. Recent studies on cell phones (either in conjunction with/without a landline phone) have explored behaviors such as types of plans (individual/family), type of usage (sharing,/personal) and frequency of usage (most/some calls, emergency calls). Read more

“I Just Switched” – Who is switching from a landline phone household to cell phone-only household?


In recent years, there has been an increase in the proportion of U.S. households that use cell phones exclusively or extensively. This trend presents a challenge to consumer research panels such as The Gallup Panel that use random digit dialing (RDD) methodology to contact U.S. households at random by landline phone in order to represent the entire U.S. population with their research. Included in this trend is a growing percentage of Americans who are considering giving up their landline phone access at home and planning to use cell phones exclusively. Read more