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Effects of Incentives, Advance Letters, and Telephone Follow-up in RDD Recruitment for a Consumer Research Panel


Survey response rates have been declining over the last several decades, particularly for random-digit-dial (RDD) telephone surveys (see de Leeuw, et al., 2002; Steeh, 1981). This trend affects research panels such as the Gallup Panel, which uses RDD methodology to recruit its members. If significant improvements in panel recruitment response rates are to be achieved, new approaches must be considered. This paper presents the findings of an experiment conducted by the Gallup Panel to analyze the individual and combined effects of incentives, advance letters, and follow-up telephone calls on the panel recruitment response rate. Read more

A New Hue of the Cell Phone-Only Landscape: Demographic Characteristics of Landline Cord Cutters New to “Cell Phone-Only”


A growing number of Americans with diverse telephone service histories are considering giving up their household landline phone access and planning to use cell phones exclusively. While previous studies on cell phone-only individuals have documented consistent trends in demographics such as in age (younger), place (urban), residency ownership (rent) and income (lower), little is known about the demographics of those who are cutting the landline telephone cord in favor of cell phone-only status. Read more